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Muslimin and Muslimat in Allah’s grace,

I call upon you, and as a reminder to myself, to strive in strengthening our faith and obedience to Allah the Almighty at all time and costs by conforming Allah’s commandments and refraining from going against His prohibitions. Hopefully we will be rewarded in the world and the hereafter. Today the holy standwill deliver a sermon on: “REMINISCING THE ENDEAVOUR OF RASULULLAH SAW”.

Propitious Muslimin and Muslimat,

As we stride in the noble and meaningful month of Rabiulawal, the day has come for us to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or the Maulidur Rasul with such joy in our country. With the celebration, we are able to enliven the teachings of Rasulullah (peace be upon him), who had unraveled all matters of human being and completed his missions by entrusting two precious treasures to serve as our guidelines which are the holy book al-Quran and his sayings or also called as Sunnah nabawiyah. He (peace be upon him) said:

The success of Rasulullah (peace be upon him) in spreading the teachings of Islam and building an Islamic country was a result of his modest practice and approach or also called as wasatiyyah. Wasatiyyah refers to the judicious implementation of Islam through tolerance and rationale, as to prevent the violation of human rights, while at the same time, Islam is honoured and respected as others are free to practise their beliefs. By holding to this principle, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had carried out the decree of Allah completely during his time of leadership and eventually a noble society of Muslim was created. Allah the Almighty commanded in surah al-Baqarah verse 143:


And thus We have made you a medium (just) nation that you may be the bearers of witness to the people and (that) the Messenger may be a bearer of witness to you;


Based on this verse, Ummatan wasata is defined as modest people, those who are fair and practise balance in their life in terms of the worldly as well as hereafter affairs.  It describes the people mentioned by Allah the Almighty who are fair and eligible to become witness to every human actions. According to Sayyed Qutb, “Muslims are fair by every meaning of fairness, whether it means goodness and rewards or by the meaning of moderation or its literal meaning, which is in the middle”. Therefore, Muslims are obliged to practise balance in terms of the demand of physical and spiritual as well as the demand of the world and hereafter. Modesty and sense of balance are essential as they determine the success of pious people as well as their family, society and nation.


Respected Muslimin and Muslimat,

The indication of wasatiyyah, modesty and justice can be seen in the sirah of Rasulullah SAW. In order to solve the conflict of Hajaral Aswad in Ka’bah, he demonstrated wit and intelligence by placing the Hajaral Aswad on a piece of cloth and asked the heads of the kabilah to hold each point of the cloth together and he himself put the Hajaral Aswad on its place. His fairness and intelligence in making decisions had ensured good relationship among the Arabians. It also showed



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Daripada Abu Soleh RA, beliau berkata: "Adalah Nabi SAW (pada suatu hari) menyeru para sahabat: "Wahai sekalian manusia! (Ketahuilah) Bahawa sesungguhnya daku ini adalah rahmat yang dihadiahkan (oleh Allah SWT kepada seluruh alam)."
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